Individually made

Individually made

Frequently Asked Questions

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Are the colours of products on the Website accurate?

Computer monitors and phone screens do not accurately display colour reproduction in true real life terms, bearing in mind also that our photographs will have been taken in different lighting conditions than those under which you will be wearing your garments. We try to get the pictures as close as we can, but you can always order a fabric sample if you want to be sure.
How reliable are the zips?

When a zip fails, the garment may be unusable until the zip is repaired or replaced, which can be quite difficult and expensive. Problems often reside with the zip slider, and when it becomes worn it does not properly align and join the alternating teeth. If a zip fails it can jam or partially break off. The so-called best of zips can fail. We advise looking after your zips with gentle care: try not to tug the zipper because as well as putting stress on the zip, the fabric around it will get pulled out of shape, rendering any possible repair more difficult and expensive. In any case, the long term good looks of your garment will not be enhanced if you mistreat the zip.
Is there a repair service?

A repair service for items which suffer minor damage up to 3 months old may be possible. But, what might look like something "minor", however, might not be so simple when it comes to unpicking the stitching or if the fabric has been stretched or otherwise damaged - none of which might be initially obvious - and actually requires a replacement section to be matched and inserted. The cost and time involved might deter you! If we can, we will - send a detailed description together with good quality, close-up photographs, taken in good light, that show what has happened.


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