Individually made

Individually made

Custom Design Orders

Made-to-measure Catsuits

Here is how to order a custom design...

  1. Print and complete the Design Form

             OR if your design is more detailed there are larger versions:
  2. Print and complete the Order Form (refer to Shivvadale measurement chart to obtain accuracy).
  3. Post the Forms to Shivvadale or send each as an attachment via the Contact Us page on this Website.
    If you prefer to scan or photograph the Forms, ensure they are sent using standard image files, e.g. .jpg
  4. Create your account on  where progress with your order will be updated.
  5. We will contact you to confirm details, fabrics and provide you with the price.
  6. If you agree everything is correct we will request payment - when payment is received your costume will be scheduled for production and you will receive an estimated completion date. You will be kept informed about progress of  your costume up until delivery.

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